My new stuff! (from birthday, and Italy!!)

Aug 4, 2006
Hehe! I am sooo glad to be back on TPF! I have had some of these things for a while, but the last one is brand new!
I had a lovely time in Italy, and bought soo many adorable things!
I also found out i have just enough money for a tahitienne Gm (color to be decided)
For my birthday, which was a while back, i got a graffiti pochette!
and i bought a car :smile:
i get my lisence in a couple of weeks!

I also picked up the tuquoise inclusion bracelet Pm!!!!
I was going to get the gm, but it looked silly on my wrists (which are on the smaller side)
When i went to Italy, the SA's were sooo NICE there, and they helped me with my tax refund papers!
My favorite city, by far, was Venice!

okay, enough rambling, PICS!

Here it is with my beige inclusion ring!

Bracelet plus new pochette