My new Stuart Weitzmans - potential wedding shoes???


Buy now, think later
May 25, 2006
So excited!!! I picked these up from yesterday when my size popped up as available after a few days of checking - YAY!!! :yahoo:

Stuart Weitzman*-* Twisted Crystal Sandal*-* Neiman Marcus

I'm thinking possible wedding shoes, since they're ivory and quite the gorgeous sandal. The price isn't breaking the bank either, which I'm happy about.

I haven't seen them IRL yet though...anyone seen these? Would love to hear thoughts if anyone's seen them IRL. Also, this will be my first pair of Stuart Weitzman's...are they comfy enough for me to wear them all day and dance in on my wedding day???

Thanks!!! ;)
Those are gorgeous-perfect for a wedding! As for comfort, a lot of stars wear that brand for Emmys and such-I would think they are. I don't have those in stilettos, but my flatter ones are nice and comfy. They run a touch narrow,but very high quality.
icechick - Thanks!!!

LVmom - Glad to hear they're high quality and likely comfy. I can't wait till they get here!!!

MarieG - Awww...thanks!!! I think you should totally get them too!! I was checking out the shoe article in the new Martha Stewart Weddings yesterday and was thinking how I loved my new Stuart Weitzmans so much more than the shoes they showcased in the article...LOL... Let me know if you end up getting them too!!! You obviously have great're gonna be a gorgeous bride too!!!
miss - My thoughts exactly!!! The sale price makes them sooooo much sweeter...LOL...

rinstar - Thanks! I hope I still think so once they get here...LOL...
Thanks ladies!!! I'm so excited to receive them!! And as an added plus, I got a price adjustment on them yesterday because they went on MORE sale...meaning I got them at 50% off!!! YAY!!!