My New Strawberry Charm PICS!!! So Cute!!

  1. Here is my strawberry charm that I got yesterday!!!




  2. aw... so sweet ;)
  3. Hi there, bag twin!!!! LOL LOVE the strawberry keyfob!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!!
  4. Very cute, LOVE the pink against the chocolate. Congrats!
  5. it's cute and it looks great on your bag!
  6. sooo cute! i think i might need it... i have the red apple.. but but... :yahoo: :tup: :love:
  7. I ordered one and can't wait for it to get here. Actually I ordered one for my sister, too... shhhhhhhhhhhhh
  8. aw it's so cute. i tried to order one at my boutique with my pce but my sa said no. :crybaby:she said she couldn't give a discount on items not out yet. oh well guess i'll just have to wait for the next pce.
  9. That is just ADORABLE!

    I need one noww!! XD
  10. AH!That's so cute!!
  11. That charm looks so good against the chocolate bag!
  12. Mmm, strawberries and chocolate...;)

    Love it!
  13. It looks so good w/ your choco Carly!
  14. Very, very cute! I ordered mine at the boutique today.
  15. That is the most adorable charm I've ever seen . . . now I want one!!!