My new storage solution, AKA greenwich gm *~PICS~*

  1. So, those who ~know~ me probably guessed I would get this pretty of those ideas that just takes hold.

    If you didn't read this morning's post here is the idea that has been floating in my head:

    Here she is Greenwich GM! She is huge, the dust bag would make a great laundry



    I love how the zipper is the kind that completly unhooks, so it opens wide!


  2. As applied, as planned:




    It holds quite a bit, all the stuff that I like handy like the all the charging cords for the laptop, cell phone, sidekick, etc. are tucked in the LV bag, the starbucks bag holds all the mailing supplies for the keychains, the sunshine committe binder, misc paperwork and magazines...and stuff that get switched in and out of my bags, accessories that I haven't had a chance to put away or am planning to use again, quickly, kwim?


    It wasn't quite as stiff as I hoped, so I modified the structure cardboard, and it makes a nice compartment for my magazines and paperwork.


    As a holder for my current, in use handbag.

  3. Congrats Mary!!!! It's such a gorgeous piece!!!
  4. YAY Twinkle!!! looks great! and I like the zipper too! now you're all organized!:biggrin:
  5. Can you take pics from a little farther away? I can't picture you "Mom space"
  6. Heyyyyyy!! What kinda place you think this is?

    :roflmfao: "Mom Space"

    It looks like the perfect solution Tink, Love the way you used the cardboard as a divider.
  7. I just posted a reply on your post from this morning and I asked for pics! Wow you're like reading my mind:wtf: !
    Congrats! It looks great and now you've got me thinking that I need a little somethin somethin!:yes:
  8. Wow...great piece, congrats!
  9. Love the birkin :drool:
  10. Wow! that's nice! conrats! I like your LVoe scarf on the H!
  11. Looks great, congrats!
  12. Wow, gorgeous piece, congrats!
  13. Here you go.

    You can see the area is really hidden, that's why is was so easy to allow it to get messy....but not


  14. way better and much more stylish than a rattan basket :yes: i might steal this idea for a magazine rack :nuts:

    btw, im amazed how the LoVe scarf and your Birkin go together quite perfectly!
  15. Thanks!

    I am going to cover the cardboard divider with a brown LV bag, so it matches better and the cardboard doesn't look so cheesy.