My new storage for larger

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  1. So my armoire, where I keep most of my bags, absolutlely would not hold 1 more bag, so I moved my larger bags to my 'gift' closet.

    My 3 antiguas, cabas alto, brentwood vernis framboise, cruise 2005 MM globe shopper and denim sac a what ended up there.


    The stuff in the boxes, is stuff for christmas, etc..not used yet ;)

    I spent a good amount of time cleaning up my 'main' gift closet. If you want to see how OCD I am...yes, I completly admit, I have a 'problem' lol...

    Here is the thread:
  2. omg those pics are FABULOUS! those are all GIFTS? the lv stuff (other than your bags?) omg. i cannot even imagine! i want to hang out with you! lol.

    i "organized" 2 closets last weekend. omg they still look like hell. lol. my ebay closet- forget about it. i so need this stuff OUT.
  3. Wow! What a closet!! I would love to peek in all those boxes!
  4. That's a really good idea. It would definetely help me save some of my shelve space in my closet that I use for my bags.
  5. I'm OCD too! Especially about closets. I'm glad to see I am not the only one.
  6. Such a great idea! I buy stuff all year and then end up losing it somewhere. A gift closet would be ideal!
  7. That's what was happening to me, or I would go to wrap and go, omg...I already bought for so and so.

    I also love if I forget a birthday, or have a friend sick or feeling down I can have something put together immediatly.
  8. LOL! I was thinking the same thing!:P
  9. That's such a good idea! Oh my, seeing your great your closet looks makes me want to go run and organize mine! :P
  10. That is a great idea.
  11. You've inspired me completely! I think I should organize a shopping/gift closet. I bought stuff throughout the year and I'm not really sure where they went. Maybe I'll find them next Christmas..:shame:
  12. Great idea! Love your bags! :graucho:
  13. Love how you have your bags displayed and easiyl accessible, but out of the way! THanks for the ideas!
  14. This is only the big ones ;) The others are in an armoire devoted to still very accessible, thankfully!
  15. Such a good idea!! Thanks for sharing:smile: