my new stella mccartney!

I recently got one of my HG bags in black leather, a burberry long crush in the most amazing black leather with great hardware and drawstring...I am in LOVE! so, I sold my ruthenium stella McCartney because I didn't want another black bag...I bought the one above in its's a gorgeous coppery color with GH...I think it's a lot of GOLD but I think I'll get used to it...
so, whaddya all think?


Sep 25, 2006
Beautiful!!!! Yes, it is a lot of gold, but it looks like a "happy" handbag, that will bring a smile every time you wear it. Enjoy it!!!

Ado rose

Feb 4, 2013
It's gorgeous indeed! I love stella mc cartney's falabella - I hv one in taupe. It's d only low maintenance bag I have (the rest all require waterproofing & moisturizing). It's a big plus that I can carry a lovely designer bag without worrying about water spots ::tup