My new Stella!! & a family *pic*

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  1. Hey guys, I'm back!! :p

    I got my stella right before we left wed. so i didn't get time to post before i left. we had such a good time :heart:

    anyways here is my stella, the tag said it was moss...and a family shot of my washed rose venetia and my linen ZC. I love all 3 of them. I need more, but I'm cutting myself off, unless i find a deal to good to pass up! :graucho:
    Picture 024.jpg Picture 025.jpg Picture 026.jpg Picture 027.jpg bag family.jpg
  2. Wow! I really love your new Stella! Moss is such a beautiful color--and nickel hardware too. Great find!!
  3. a few more....

    sorry some are blurry. Madi was turning right as i snapped the pic

    there is also one of me and my hubby :heart: feels weird to say that! This one was the night we got married. We'd had a few drinks at this point:tispy:
    Picture 039.jpg Moody.jpg Picture 022.jpg Picture 005.jpg
  4. Congrats to you moody!! Your bag is amazing and your new family looks GREAT! How was the wedding?? I'm sooooooo happy for you!!

    Woo hoo!
  5. I LVOE your stella!! You are just so lucky!! Where did you find that lovely bag!!!???? That color is just awesome!!! Post a modeling pic if you can!! Congrats on the bag..and I gather you're recently married too?! Double congrats!!
  6. congrats on your wedding and your new stella! the moss reminds me of sap green... what color is it inside? love your other pieces too... and your OTHER family is adorable as well! :yes:
  7. thanks guys!

    thithi the wedding went really good! we had a great time, it was short and sweet! lol

    thanks EMMY i got it on eBay!!

    cleabright the inside is that blue color just like sap i looks just like a sap green MP i had not to long ago...

    anyone know why it would say moss? thithi...? lol
  8. Gorgeous bag. And I really love the Nickel hardware.
  9. moodysmom... gorgeous bag! and congrats on everything!!
  10. Congrats on finding that gorgeous Stella! And a huge congrats on your marriage!
  11. That is a lovely bag! I love how roomy it looks! I also like your venetia. Beautiful color choices
  12. First off, CONGRATS on your wedding!! :party: You and your family look so happy!!

    Now, your new Stella is just gorgeous. I love green and that is an incredible shade!!

    We're happy to have you back!:yes:
  13. WOW!!!
    Both Bag family and people family look great!:heart: - Congratulations!

    Love how your leather colors all work well together - The linen ZC works well with both. I have to get better at that color coordination thing ......:smile::smile:
  14. Congrats moody, great bag family, love the green stella, and the venetia and zc); your human family is really sweet too, what a cute little daughter.
    Congratulation on your wedding :drinks:
  15. congrats!!