My New Steel CIty and others

  1. I have been bad this last few weeks.
    Today i finally got my Steel city from BNY. (i thought the city would be bigger in size )The color of the city is like a darker gray with blue under tones but NOT black. i love the color.

    I got a Bowler bag and cosmetic case :smile:




  2. Your steel looks amazing!!! I love all your purchases!! CONGRATS!!!:drool:
  3. Wow, that's the lightest one I've seen! The colour looks really soft- I love it!
  4. Oh anna you have been holding off.You didn't tell me you were getting a bowler!I love the color and the pouch is too cute.Congrats!
  5. I'm really loving your Steel City! The leather looks really yummy!!!! Congrats on three great purchases.......enjoy!:yahoo:
  6. I love your collection. Such nice colors.
  7. wow love the colors, especially the steel. congrats!
  8. Very pretty. That's how I thought it would look. It doesn't look like black at all. Maybe there will be lots of variation in these bags and some will be very dark and some like yours. Enjoy, very pretty!
  9. :nuts: Congrats~ I really like the steel city :heart:
  10. That's such a cool and unique color! Maybe I'll be lucky enough to see you walking around San Francisco with your new City :yes:.

    Can I ask you a question? Are you able to wear it on your shoulder? I tried one of the f/w 07 City bags at Neiman, and it was more difficult to get it on my shoulder than the s/s 07 bags. Also, what do you think of the leather?


  11. the steel looks great love it!
  12. wow, congrats on your new babies!
    They all look great together :heart:

    your steel city looks really light on these pictures. would you say they represent the color well? is it really so light? It's gorgeous!
  13. What a fun shopping day! :heart: Love your little cosmetic case! What color is that? Your steel looks GREAT!!!
  14. :wlae::woohoo: congrat!!
  15. I love your steel! It looks great - enjoy!