my new Stams..

  1. A pic of my new Stams....of which I think the mouse is going back..

    The Ivory has 05 inside on the small tag...does that mean it is from a previous season? It also has a suede lining. The colour of it is stunning - i compared it to an 06 Ivory in the store and it has more yellow undertones...the leather just seemed nicer
  2. wow they both look soooooo nicee!!!

    i have the ivory 06 with the linen lining but i cant really tell from pics alone if theres a difference in color.

    do you have pics of the ivory compared to the patent leather stam you were selling before?

    PS: did you get my PM :smile:
  3. here is the Ivory and Chalk...the Ivory is warmer in tone than the Chalk and also has more contrast on the stitching..
  4. omgggg thats SOOOO HOT the chalk =) so shiny!!
  5. pics of Ivory...excuse me, ive been out all day and got sooo wet :sad:
    DSCN4488.JPG DSCN4489.JPG
  6. Congrats, missbradshaw.

    I definitely prefer the Ivory over the Mouse. I'm pretty disappointed in the Mouse. I have yet to see it IRL, but the picture leaves a lot to be desired.

    Ivory is definitely a keeper.
  7. Congrats, they are stunning!! What is the name of the color on the right side? Thanks:yes::biggrin:
  8. Woah, your Mouse looks so different than the one I have. Yours looks more grey, closer to how it looks on the site. For me, judging from those pics, I prefer the Mouse. I'm shocked! I'd go so far as to say that I LOVE it in that pic! I'm so confused.........
  9. Daisy I saw the baby stam you were sent and it did look different. Has the mouse got brown or grey undertones? I was actually thinking of getting a stam in that colour but having never seen it in real life it'd be a gamble...
  10. Girlie, mine has brown undertones. I struggled to see any grey in it at all. Hers doesn't look as muddy, right? I know the lighting makes a huge difference but I'm really surprised.
  11. I agree with Daisy here...I can't believe the difference in the two "mice" :blink: . I adore the mouse large Stam!!!!

    Missbradshaw the ivory bag looks stunning on you.Thanks so much for posting pics!:flowers:
  12. yeah definately keeping the Ivory - sorry about the bad pics and messy wardrobe!
  13. Missbradshaw, Ivory Stam looks great on you!
    Glad that you are keeping Ivory with suede interior -- my pick too! =) Glad you came across one & like it. Congrats!!!! =)
  14. must be from a previous season I guess. my SA said they did a repeat order as they had so many on the wait list
  15. just took the mouse back....sad cause I did like it but i cant afford to keep two...once I have sold a few bags maybe I can get another one
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