My new Stam...

  1. has just been delivered....its in Chalk

    going to road test it at home tonight though to see if I will keep it....
  2. Pics! Congrats and enjoy that bag, I bet it's gorgeous. Did you get it from NAP?
  3. Missbradshaw: Congrats. =)
  4. It must be beautiful! Where did you get it?
    Please post pics, if you can!
  5. i bought it from an ebay seller here in the UK but yes,its from NAP

    here is a pic (sorry not resized correctly!)

    for all you stam owners, do you find it an easy bag to use?
  6. Well, I wouldn't exactly call it a light and comfy bag but after using a Paddy for so long it's definitely less cumbersome. I carry mine without the chain. Makes it a little lighter and I actually think it looks better without.

    Beautiful bag though!! Is it a stark white?
  7. im new to the Stam so bit unsure of the colours...yes it quite white
  8. Oh, I think it's much easier to use than my bags with the zipper. It's much easier to pop things in and out of my blush patent stam. And it's so roomy, too! Congratulations and enjoy your stam!!
  9. I just love the gathering round the top of the bag....sooo cute

    gonna give it a go and see how I get on..

    is your kiss lock quite stiff?
  10. My kiss lock is just stiff enough to keep my bag closed. I love my kiss lock!
  11. Very pretty! Congrats!
  12. it's so pretty, congratulations!
  13. I just received my new stam today in taupe? I going to road test mine tomorrow as well. Those stam experts out there do you have a problem with the kiss lock sticking you under your arms and how to carry it comfortably. The bag is simply beautiful thou.
  14. Congrats on your Stam! It's beautiful! Perfect color for summer.
  15. Big congrats to Missbradshaw, Abaglover, Janicemph. Stam is so beautiful, I love it!!!

    Chalk, Blush, Black, Midnight, Moss, and Cola are the colors in MJ's Ursula line (Patent Leather) - available for Stam, Elise, Bowler, Tote, Hobo, Wallet, Clutch, ... Please update if I'm wrong and/or leave out any info. =)