My new STAM!!

  1. :yahoo:

    My lovely fiance returned the stam I bought on Saturday with the squeaky handles that was the PERM line and got me another one!

    The handles are not squesky and the gold seems shinier, the stitching is dark grey and the lining is cream canvas. It says R06 197 does that mean it is resort 06? It also has the other latch to my other one.

    Did I get a good one? Is it resort? I thought resort had green brown lining? They had ones with green brown lining which also had the dark grey stitching.

    I am so so so so so pleased with this bag, I can't explain and think it was sooo sweet of Matthew to go after work and change it for me especially as I was on the phone to him giving him instructions in front of the SA!!;)
  2. Congratulations!! Sorry, I'm not an expert to answer your questions, but I do want to say that you have a keeper (fiance!!). My dh will never in his life time bring a purse of mine to exchange/return at the store, first of all, he'll faint if he knows how much it cost, 2nd, well, he just won't do it! So sweet of him!