My new spy!!

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  1. Here is my latest spy bag. It's truly beautiful and not to mention I got such a good deal on it from the saks sale. In person it's really much detail.

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  2. much prettier in your pics. can't wait to see one IRL
  3. beautiful. congrats. I love spy bags.
  4. beautiful!! the detaling is amazing! congrats
  5. Congrats! The detailing is lovely!
  6. it's beautiful
  7. Congrats. The bag is so pretty. I want one but DH won't let me get two 2K in the same month. =(
  8. WOW! So pretty..congrats on a TRULY gorgeous bag!
  9. so pretty :love: ... congratulations
  10. What a stunning bag! I'm sure you will receive lots of compliments whenever you take this one out. Congrats on the great purchase!
  11. Congrats on the new bag AND the great deal!!!!!
  12. OMG thats a beautiful bag.

    Stunning and you did get such a great deal at Saks
  13. I luv it. Congrats!!!
  14. Congrats! She is lovely:love:
  15. Wow Gorgeous bag!