My new Spy & shoes..

  1. I just bought these today from the shop.. I also want to buy the B bag in black that matches the shoes, what do you guys think?


  2. ^OMG Habibty! You got it!!!! You found your metallic spy!! Congratulations, it looks AWESOME!!! I love it love it love it. Where did you end up getting it from?

    The shoes are also TDF. I didn't realise they came in heals. Both are smashing!
  3. I'm getting drool all over the keyboard........CONGRATS!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:

  4. :graucho: VERY HOT!!! LOVE BOTH!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  5. I have the same bag!!! It is TDF. Congrats!!
  6. Oh wow i love those shoes! I love the buckle and the b bag would go sooo great with it. Get it!!!!!
  7. Great buys! I also think you should totally get the B bag to match your shoes!!
  8. Congrats.
  9. oooh gorgeous! I love both!

    before I thought the metallic spy looked too metallicy to the point of tacky - but yours is just amazing!! totally eye catching and VERY classy. No tackiness here!

    Both the spy and the fendi b. mary janes are tdf!! :love:
  10. Gorgeous buys - both the shoes and spy bag!!! Congrats
  11. :heart: both of 'em!!! :yes:
  12. Those are some really great shoes! Enjoy both!!!
  13. Ooooh I've always liked that spy, congrats ! :yes:

    And the shoes are HOT !
  14. A lovely Fendi combo purchase! Congrats!
  15. Oh my! It's taken a while but I believe I am in love with the metallic spy. Hopefully, it will be my next spy purchase. The shoes are great too.