My new spy & Questions about Fendi's authenticity card

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    Hello. I bought this Fendi spy from Galleries Lafayette in Paris about a week or two ago when I was holidaying there. I didn't know that all Fendi Spies are supposed to come with two leather care cards and an authenticity card so happily brought my purchase home. After browsing around at for fendi spies, I realised that the SA may have forgotten to give me one leather care card and my authenticity card. I only received one yellow leather care card. I no longer have the reciept as I attatched it with the tax refund form. Now, my question is, do all Fendi boutiques and departmental stores provide the authenticity card + leather care card with the fendi spies or do only some places do. Thanks for your input.
  2. Not all spys come with two leather care cards--I'm not sure why this one would. As for the authenticity card, some stores simply do not provide it.
  3. My Grey one didn't come with the card.
  4. That sure is a beautiful Spy!
  5. Beautiful spy. :yahoo: Congrats
  6. Harrods and Selfridges do not provide the authentic card as keep them for their records, saying that I have just bought the crackle spy and requested the authentic card
  7. it's so gorgeous!!
  8. It's gorgeous !!!
    Congrats !
  9. Congrats!! Beautiful spy!:tup:

    May I ask how much a spy cost in Paris? I'll be visiting Paris in November so wondering whether it's much cheaper to buy there! Thanks!:yes:
  10. bagladybow I bought my spy for 1475 Euros - before tax refund.
  11. What is the color of this bag?
  12. ^^^pretty sure that is chocolate

    IMO it is darker than that IRL, but the flash is making it appear a little lighter.
  13. missnox It's cognac
  14. Cherlizabeth, I asked about this question before because I had the same problem, I only have the yellow care card. I looked at eBay and most sellers have several authentity cards. That's why I was quite worried. However, some of the members here told me that Fendi don't give out the authentity card anymore.
  15. Pretty Spy Bag