My new spy and my unimpressed dogs.

  1. So I got my spy yesterday, and I must say, I think she's just faboo. Love love her!

    I got her from jomashop and she is just so soft and buttery and lovely and awesome.

    Here are some pics of ms. spy and my two darling dogs, who frankly, don't appear to appreciate her properly!

    I got her in some different lights. She's described as grey, but she's really more of a taupe-y grey. Really lovely.

    Hope you enjoy!:dothewave:
    1.jpg 2.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 7.jpg
  2. Georgous bag!! I love this colour. Congrats!! Your dogs are soo cute too :smile:
  3. hahaha, I don't think the dog appreciates being "beneath" the spy :p Great looking bag!
  4. congrats and very cute pics!!
  5. Wow soo beautiful!! Congrats!
  6. love your bag!

    Love your doggies!

    I have the same spy in the wisteria version... it matches almost everything. it's a great color to have in your bag wardrobe!

    Congrats and enjoy!:heart:
  7. Thanks for the kind words.

    I just love her...

    And it is really the perfect neutral.


    This is my first spy, I think I'm addicted!
  8. Congrats, very pretty, I think it'll go with lots
  9. Congrats on your first spy!! Let the spy addiction begin! :graucho:
    Btw, cute doggies ;)
  10. congratulations on a beautiful bag!
  11. Thanks!

    And it goes without saying that although I love ms. spy, I love the pups even more! :smile:
  12. oooh I LOVE the grey! It does look real buttery, congrats! My cats seem over enthusiastic about my new bags..I think its the smell, they go crazy! heehee...your dogs are so cute:heart:
  13. I love the photos, thanks for sharing! Man I am tempted to get that spy! Esp love the pics of your doggies. They are gorgeous...
  14. cute pics, congrats!!
  15. CONGRATS!!! Beautiful Spy and cute dogs!! :heart: