My new Spring wallet

  1. I also just posted this on the Spring/Summer thread...
    Went to Chanel to check out their new bags, left with a wallet, love the color :love: :love: but couldn't see myself with a coral colored purse.
    Chanel Wallet Coral - out copy.jpg Chanel Wallet Coral in copy.jpg
  2. did you take a picture of it?
  3. I have that one in black! I love it! I love your color toooo!!! Uh oh... I'm wanting one LOL!
  4. omg, the color is TDF!!!! good choice!
  5. What a beautiful color! Great wallet!
  6. ooh! I LOVE the color! I saw the bags at the Chanel boutique went I went last Saturday. I felt the same way about the bags, I don't know if the color would be versatile enough for my closet.
  7. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!
  8. how much was it?
  9. What a unique color! You can even use it as a clutch, great purchase :smile:
  10. it's soooo pretty!
  11. I love that coral/salmon color. It'll be such a great punch of color, especially with dark bags. Love it!
  12. I think it was $545 before tax.
  13. love it - that color is gorgeous!
  14. The color is AMAZING
  15. Congrats! Chanel is the best wallet I've ever had!
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