My new spiggia dolce is here! However...

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  1. The print placement is different from the bag pictured in the eBay listing! :sweatdrop: You might remember that I posted a while back about what happened to my original stellina from eBay. I was pretty cautious this time and messaged the seller before I bidded, and she assured me that it's the actual bag I will receive...anyway I think it might be a mistake coz she said she had 3 spiaggia dolces...

    The good thing is I'm actually liking this bag better than the one I thought I was going to get:p It's a pretty good mix of the beach and the ocean scene, with pretty pink stripes across the bag on both sides.




    And the bag I thought I was gonna get...which is pretty much the same front and back.


    So which one do you like better? :p
  2. i love the one u actually recieved..more colorful!
  3. i agree with stephanie, the one you got is really cute! bastardino's on the front siiiiiide!!! i also like the girl in the tubey thing under the lesportsac banner.. i think she's hilariously CUTE haha :biggrin:
  4. i like the one you received better than the one you thought you were going to get too. congrats on getting one you like better!! :smile:
  5. I'm with the others, I like the one you received better! I think it's much more colorful and full of more cute characters! I'm not much a fan of the little boys with mohawks. But I love me some sAndy, Bastardino, Ciao Ciao, and all the super cute fishies!! Congrats! ^_^
  6. Very cute :biggrin: Both are cute and the one you got is better if you like lighter cuter colors...and the bottom one would have been nice if you liked dark colors heh..thats the good thing about spiaggia eh? so different colors..yet they look good together.
  7. I absolutely love the one you ended up receiving!! To me it's sooo perfect .. so pink and with Sandy and Bastardino and the little airplane guy!! love it!!
  8. I really like the one you received also! I :love: the airplane guy!!
  9. Both are cute!! Im glad you like the one you got!! But personally, I was trying to find a dolce that looks like the other one!! :lol: My fave trio is on both sides! (Adios, hotdog boy, deer) hehe
  10. i like the one you got has more variety
  11. Oh the bag you got is MUCH better!

    At the Macy's in Denver I had my choice of FIVE Dolces with print placement like the one you were supposed to get. Didn't buy any of them. Instead I picked a Bambinone which has a placement similar to the Dolce you got except it's shifted to one side so Bastardino is cut off :sad:

    I'd have snapped up either a Bambinone or a Dolce with the placement you got in a heartbeat!!
  12. I like the one you received way better! It has more variety of things to look at! Very cute!
  13. I love the one you got! The black urchin is one of my fave characters :smile:
  14. good accident!
  15. very cute! :smile: