My new spiaggia campeggio

  1. I'm so excited! I'm really looking forward to using this at uni, I just need to purchase a protective sleeve for my macbook, and I'm set! :nuts:

    As it is for everyone with their chosen Lesportsac toki's, this is the perfect placement for me. I wanted a lot of the ocean scene, and I particularly love the jellyfish and the seahorse. The seahorse appears about 3 times on this bag! The beach scene I wanted it to include bruttino and sandy, hotdog boy, the deer with the cherry blossoms, bruttino, unicorn, and the girl with sunglasses listening to her ipod.



    Hurray for me! :love:
  2. I really love your campeggio. I think it has the perfect placement on the back. The front of the bag looks great too with the ocean part of the print. Congrats!
  3. Wow, it's beautiful!
  4. OMG too cute!!
  5. Very Nice!!
  6. really nice placement!
  7. Love the placement (mostly water = :heart:)!
  8. Love the placement, so cute !
  9. Beautiful Spiaggia Campeggio!
  10. Beautiful!! I'm so sad, mine is lost in the mail.... 2 weeks now. still hoping it will arrive!
  11. Ack! No tracking or anything? I do hope it is found and arrives at your door soon, that must be heartbreaking!

    I finally purchased a protective sleeve for my laptop, and the bag has been treated with scotchguard so I'm all set to use my bag tomorrow, woohoo! :wlae:
  12. nothing yet. :sad:
  13. wow the placement is great!
  14. That's not a good sign =[ talk to the seller or maybe it's the cold?

    And OP love the placement! SO CUTEE!
  15. Love it!

    Where have I been??? I haven't ever seen this adorable print, yet! :nuts: