My new speedy charms!! (PICS)

  1. hello everyone!

    I was constantly debating with myself on whether or not I should have waitlisted for the heart coin purses. I have always wanted a heart especially in miroir. However, I couldn't justify paying almost $400 on a coin purse that I didn't really need, and me being on such a tight budget, didn't make it practical. I am just a broke med student. I realized that it would cost more than half the price of the neverfull which I am saving up for! So...I decided not to waitlist and was pretty bummed especially after seeing everyone elses beautiful hearts :crybaby:

    When along came juicy couture to the rescue! :p I saw these hearts and immediately wanted one in every color! And, at the price of only $30 I really could afford to get one in every color! They came in Gold, Silver, Fuschia, and Red! I settled on Red because it came in patent and I know it would look good on damier (plus I already had a framboise cles) and Gold because I thought it would compliment the gold LV hardware pretty well.

    So here they are, if any of you are on a budget these hearts a a great alternative. I purchased these about a month ago, but hesitated to post, because I wasn't sure how you all would react to them. I mean, they are inspired by LV, but not LV knock offs imo...I just figured it would make more sense for some of us on a budget and can't afford hearts??:shrugs: Well, hope you like em cuz I really do!! :smile:
    DSC04420.JPG DSC04421.JPG DSC04398.JPG DSC044431.JPG DSC044421.JPG
  2. Cool! Good for you for focusing on school and having a great career! You will be able to afford your dream bags in no time!
  3. What a great alternative, they look wonderful on your bags.
  4. looking goood..:tup:
  5. thanks everyone I appreciate it!
  6. It's cute! I saw them in the catalog thing they sent me and wanted one too. I really like the red one! :p
  7. i love juicy stuff! looks great! and btw---- isnt evrything 'inspired" now.....
  8. Oh those are SO CUTE! I wonder if I can find one online.....! haha. It's a good way of getting what you want at a reasonable price. I love the hearts too but even if I did have $400, sorry, I'm not paying that much $$ for a little heart that serves no purpose!
  9. looks great, congrats!
  10. Those are so cute - love the red one! Where did you find it?
  11. Smart move saving the money ... cute hearts, I like it ... I love Juicy Charms!
  12. very cute!
  13. hey everyone! I couldn't find these anywhere online...I suggest calling your local juicy boutique they all have different stock. I purchased these the Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara, CA. Juicy in SF, CA had only the red patent ones...HTH!!!
  14. Wow these hearts match your bags very well! Glad you found yourself an alternative!
  15. so cute and great idea!!!!
    i dont know of any juicy boutiques where i live, but only stores that carry some juicy items. i hope i can find one!