My New Speedy Azur (Pics) !!! But...

  1. I just got my new Speedy Azur and I absolutely love it. I exchanged the Mono Speedy for it and the SA who helped me was so sweet! He let me exchange it even though I was one day late on the return/exchange policy. But....when I got home, I noticed that I didn't get a padlock :confused1: I guess I'll just have to call him tomorrow...

    But another thing...I noticed that one of the leather leaflets on the side is pretty winkled. Would this bother you? Or am I just too picky. I feel bad to ask him to exchange the speedy again but for the price I paid, I should be completely satisfied with the Speedy. Any thoughts?


  2. Oops...those pics didn't work... let me try again...
  3. Well here's the pic of the leather leaflet on the side. Still trying to upload the pic of the Speedy, but can't get it small enough...:crybaby:
    Speedy Azur2.jpg
  4. yup it would bother me.. for the price yourpaying you should get a better one...
  5. I would exchange it...I HATE doing exchanges and returns, and have dealt with a lot of little flaws (only once did I do it, and that's because the bag was torn!) but that's pretty wrinkly, I would ask for a new one.
  6. I would exchange it. When i bought my neverful this past weekend I examined that bag like it was undergoing surgery lol lol..The SA was just looking at me
    but i didnt care. One thing i have learned from being on these forums daily is inspect your merchandise thoroughly so I wont have to make another trip and convince them they sold it to me that way!
  7. I would exchange it. You should be perfectly happy with every single thing about it for the price you paid.
  8. You are not being picky... you should get a quality bag WITHOUT any flaw whatsoever... you are buying an LV, it should be perfect... and with a padlock too mind you.. you should return it right away. they might say, it came with the padlock... good luck..
  9. that would bother me too!
  10. thats really wrinkle and probably sag more once you put the padlock on. i would exchange it also.
  11. I would return it, too wrinkled. Since it was without a lock, maybe it was also a return.
    I am sure the OP has already dealt with the situation.
  13. If not, I think the return period has expired! :lol:
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  15. TO funny in the heck Did this get up here ?