My new speedy 25/ink stains....HELP

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  1. Hello!
    I am sooooooo excited..I finally own my very own first authentic LV Speedy 25!!!
    I got it from Ebay and know it is authentic.....did some checking first.
    I think I got an amazing deal from how new it is BUT there are a couple little ink stains on the handles..

    Does anyone have any idea how I could try to remove or minimize them?
    I do want to clean it and protect it once I get it.

    How do I do that?

    Any suggestions on a good cleaner for LV?

    Thanks much!!!

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  2. Oh my goodness!! I saw that bag. I wasnt able to bid on it in time. Congrats. Alteast it went to someone from the forum ;)
  3. try using a eraser. i had gel pen marks on my handles an using a eraser to rub them off worked. hope it helps!
  4. Oh thank you!
    I will try that eraser trick!

    Iluvbags, SORRY!! :shame: Well, not really but I do hope you get one too!!! :nuts:

    I used a sniper program and got it literally a second away from the highest bidder! :shame: I had been watching it from the start...I asked a someone that KNOWS LV and when she told me it was authentic I KNEW I was going after it!

    I had just bought another one and found out it was FAKE!!! :mad: I was able to get out of that deal! :weird:

    I am sooooo excited!!!!

    Thanks again and I will take any advise on how to clean it real good when I get it!
  5. What sniper program did you use? I thought about trying auction sniper from hearing someone mention it on the forum but I got all nervous and chickened out when I went to webpage and it asked for my username and passcode.
  6. Ilovebags
    Send me your Email and I will send you the one I use. If you sign up I earn free snipes too!!!
    I have used it for about a year and LOVE IT!!! I have won quite a few auctions using it...
    You don't have to be afraid...
  7. Iluvbags sniping is the ONLY way to go! Once you snipe you'll never want to do it any other way. Sniping rocks!:biggrin: V
  8. stupid question but.....what is sniping?

    Bids for you in the last few seconds of an auction. Awesome tool.
  10. It is VERY cool!!!!

    IntlSet, if you email a friend from there you can get free snipes too!
    I use the same one....

    If anyone wants to join, email Intlset or me with your email address.
  11. Sorry about the ink stains. You should call LV and ask how you could take the stains off. I've heard magic eraser works wonders but I'm not quite sure.
  12. I have heard the magic eraser is really MAGIC!!! It is suppose to be awesome around the house...
    Maybe I try a really tiny light rub and see how that goes??
    Thanks for the tip!!!
  13. I would be scared to use the magic eraser, has anyone here tried it yet?
  14. The magic eraser does dry out the handles, so you have to use it very lightly. Otherwise it can work miracles !
  15. ME (magic eraser) is great. I have used it on the bottom of my mono piano and it came out great. Wet the ME and wring out the water and scrub on the vachetta leather. The vachetta will turn dark because its wet, but will lighten when its dry. It does dry up the leather a little bit but so I usually use Apple conditoner after using the ME.
    Good luck :smile: