My new speedy 25 Damier azur

  1. Hi ladies, I finally bought my first LV at the boutique. This is very exciting for me, because my first one I got on eBay. It felt so nice to be 100% sure that it was real. The only thing is I forgot to ask for a box. I will go back and get it later. Are there any accesories that you reccomend, to add dazzle to my bag. Thanks ladies
    DSCF0449.JPG DSCF0450.JPG
  2. Congrats!! Love the azur!
  3. very nice, congrat's.
  4. Beautiful... congrats!!! :flowers:
  5. Bag charms! Iforget thename of mine but you can see it on my thread,"Ta-da, my collection" or any other charm will add some zip to your beautiful bag!
  6. I am so jealous, thats the next bag on my small list!

    CONGRATS!! enjoy it!
  7. I am new so I dont know how to get to that thread. What should I do? What are bag charms. Where do they hang?
  8. oh jeez, I posted it last nite so its probably a pg or 2 back, sorry I don't know any other way!
  9. Congrats! Azur sure is beautifull!
  10. Gorgeous!

    I love this line, more and more everyday!
  11. Congrats, LOVE it!
  12. congrats!!! I have one and I love it, I always use it with the mini pochette accessories in damier azur.
  13. Congrats, lovely bag :tup:
  14. Congrats, it's a great bag.
  15. congrats!