My New Spalmati Spy is here!

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  1. Holy...I love this! I'm soso excited. I just got my Fendi Spalmati Spy from Melanie at Pinch Of Rosemary. I love her, it got sent to me so beautifully and so fast. Within 1 day (It came fro Jersey and im IN NY, so mabe thats why too, lol). I'm so happy, it's really beautiful to me. It's actually a lot more muted in color than many of the pics of it. It's still not a subtle pattern but not as loud in person, that's one of the reasons why I loved it seeing it live months ago. I named it Boopsie. :wlae:

    (pictures taken frantically on messy bed again - sorry, those postal people always catch me off guard, lol)

    *** I'd like to thank beyond anything the sweet and awesome thestarsgarb for initially giving me the Pinch Of Rosemary site and showing me that the bag I wanted was there and therefore, letting me have this beautiful bag in which I love so much and quite possibly, may not have gotten anywhere else. Thank you SO much, I really love you for this and it really means so much to me *hugs* :love:
    fendispafront.JPG fendispaback.JPG fendispaguts.JPG fendispanotes.JPG
  2. congrats!! model pics please!!!!!
  3. Ooooooh, just look at widdle Boopsie! Did you say your Choco spy's a boy? Didya name him yet? I haven't named mine...yet! See, you inspire me! LOL!

    Nancy!!!!!!!!! You and the "model pics please", LOL! When I took pix of me and my spys for the Pics of Your Spy thread, YOU were the main one I was thinkin' of! I was like "I hafta make this look good for Nancypants!" (Any relation to Spongebob Square...? Anywho...) You didn't just say "take some pics of the bag", ya said MODEL! So I was tryin' to stike some poses to show off the bag, put on some flattering colors to match the bag, had my photo shoot music (Jamiroquai) blaring in the back... (singin') Like some baby Barbarella, with the stars as her umbrella, she asked me if I'd like to magnetize...
  4. Ahh...shucks, that's so nice of you to say. :shame: When I saw it, I thought of you and your post immediately!

    I get a better idea of what the bag looks like with your pictures - she's a bute, and I must say I LOVE the name Boopsie. Well suited for a bag with such personality & a fab mommy to boot! :graucho:

    Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  5. It's a girl!! :cutesy: Congrats Gayle and welcome Boopsie! She is a beauty indeed, so funky and fun, you'll definitely be the life of the party with her! :party:
  6. Katgrrrl, as if I couldn't love you anymore...I LOVE Jamiroquai! I've got all the albums :jammin: JK is such a smooth, sexxy little fella ain't he?
  7. AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Me too! All of the albums! Actually, I didn't get the 1st two until after seein' 'em live. Ran out the next day n' got Emergency on Planet Earth and Return of The Space Cowboy. I took my hubby (who'd never even heard of 'em before) to see them last year. He's a big fan now. I really can't say enough about 'em. They really live up to the name JAMiroquai! They are such a talented band! And Jay Kay, with his l'il, skinny self, if he saw someone with a camera, he'd actually stop, smile, pose... I can't wait for them to come back to NY! They're s'posed to release another studio album in late '07. I'm countin' the days...

    Gayle, sorry to hijack your thread:shame:

  8. i almost fell off my chair laughing when i read this..i don't know why but i really like to see how people look with spys. i just love how the bag puts together an outfit, no matter how dressy or casual it is.

    i don't get the spongebob thing?? does he like to model too??
  9. Wow! that's the name of this bag. Spalmati! I saw this bag IRL at Bloomies in July and I gotta tell you it is the only Spy that I thought "WOWZER":p that is Fierce! Its super light, I love the multi color and the interior is sooooo yummy! Congrats to you and this HOT and Sexy bag. :yes:
  10. Congrats! Thats a great SPY BAG!
  11. WOW!! That is nice!
  12. I still have yet to see this bag IRL.:drool: What exactly is the material? Patent leather? Shiny fabric? :confused1:
  13. This is such a fun bag, congrats!!
  14. I still don't know the fabric. I want to say patent leather but I am not sure. The inside is the Zucca fabric. The bag is super light and airy but it has substance. I Love it! Bloomies had the Spy Spalmati and the Baby Spy Spalmati. Ga Ga Gorgeous! :p
  15. I've always wanted to know what this bag was like and I have to say I LOVE IT!! :love::love:Congrats, would love to see some modeling pics!

    (Ooops, also wanted to say I love Jamiroquai too! Nice to see some other fans....tpa190108 and katgrrrl! Emergency on Planet Earth is my favourite album, reminds me of some good old memories back in the day!!)