My new Sophia's!

  1. Last week they both arrived.
    Thought I'd share a photo.
    Berry and Spearmint Sophia.
    The Spearmint is in PERFECT condition, it still had it's Saks tags and the buttery yellow suede still was crisp and smelled totally new.
    The Berry was a bit of a surprise, as you know if you read the other thread... it was shown to be a burgundy color when I bought it. It's really pretty too, although not as new as the Spearmint.


    New "family" photo in the MJ photo thread!
  2. Congrats! Those are some pretty colors!
  3. ^^ they are crazy colors for me. as you can see from my avatar, I'm usually pretty neutral. these may take a while to get used to, but the style is fantastic.
  4. Winona, congrats! =) The colors are very pretty, I love them. Berry & Spearmint can go will lots of outfits. It's great to add some colors to your neutral collection. =)

    I get it now, I remember reading a while ago that you a Spearmint Sophia. When I saw your recent post about receiving a not-so burgundy Sophia, I thought I was forgetting things. Turned out that you got both of them. =)
  5. very pretty colors. Great for summer!
  6. Great deal on the Sophia's, the colors are gorgeous! I'm sure you'll have a great time mixing the colors up with your wardrobe.
  7. Beautiful colors! I have a Sophia in a fushia color (not sure of the official name) and I have been finding it goes with more than I would have thought!
  8. Those are so gorgeous! Congrats!
  9. Great bags! The Sophia is such a functional style and not as heavy as many of the MJ bags so it's easy and fun to carry. Enjoy!
  10. Congrats....they both looks so yummy and what two lovely colors you got!:yahoo:
  11. Such vibrant colors. Congrats.
  12. awww so cutee
    i've been searching for this style for a long time

    if you dont mind, may i ask where you got them?
  13. oooh, I have the Sofia in Berry - you'll love this bag! So versatile!
  14. jbelle, I'm actually TOTALLY surprised that the berry is turning out to be the MOST vesatile of the two. I may actually sell the Spearmint for a red MJ bag... I'm debating because the leather on the Spearmint is identical to my Chloe Paddington which is AMAZING. I really love the color but I'm freaking DYING for a lobster or ferrari MJ and when I got this one, because the color was so vibrant, I TOTALLY knew I wanted the red because I'm guessing the MJ red is equally as vibrant.

    monotreme, I got both bags on ebay. I studied up on the style for a few weeks and dove in ;)
  15. congrats!