My new Sophia!

  1. I went to Off 5th to return a Kooba that I just didn't love. While I was there, I spotted a few Sophias. They had a few 'Maroon' colored ones, but the color was more of a grape-juice-purple.

    I quickly grabbed the ONLY one they had in Bark - a pretty brown color with silver hardware. I'm in :heart:!!!

    I've attached one picture of it.

    It was $499 and I had used a 30% coupon...the SA also gave me another 10% off because there are a few little scratches on it. Total was just over $300.

    Thanks for letting me share (and I'm glad I hadn't bought the M by MJ wallet - this is MUCH better!)!

  2. Great bag! Couldn't find any MJ bags I liked at the Off 5th near me but got a nice Gucci watch for my mom instead. Coupon worked!
  3. Congrats Dawn!!!!
    You got a great deal on this classic bag (definitely worth more than the wallet for sure). Enjoy!
  4. Your new MJ is gorgeous. Enjoy it. You got a great deal on it.
  5. beautiful. congratulations
  6. wooow that's a total steal!! congrats!!
  7. congrats, very pretty.
  8. Dawn, you can find out the year/season of your bag by looking at the style number on the MJ tag. Can you post the style number of yours? I'm such a big MJ fan that I try to know as many the Soft Calf colors (by year/season) as possible; I don't think I have Bark down yet. TIA. =)
  9. Hi!
    From the tag:
    C342008 Style
    New Sophia
    Calf Leather

    I hope that helps!
  10. Thanks Dawn, Bark is a color from Fall 2004. =)

    C --> C for Collections (Marc Jacobs), M for Marc (Marc by Marc Jacobs)
    3 --> 3 for Bags
    6 --> YEAR (last number in 200x)
    3 --> SEASON (1-Spring, 2-Fall, 3-Resort)
    x --> STYLE NUMBER (unique) - last 3 numbers
    x --> ^^ style number is the same for items in different colors
    x --> ^^
  11. WOW. I'm impressed. Seriously.

    Thank you! I'm going to post it in the reference area now...I wanted to wait until I knew the season. :yes:
  12. thanks for the info bag lover. i may now have to look at the tag of my clutch and see when was it produced.
  13. ^ Twisted, Graphite is a Fall 06 Soft Calf color. =) Your tag should say C362xxx. =)
  14. Very pretty color!Enjoy the bag!