My New Soho Frame Satchel

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  1. My husband and I were house shopping on Saturday and after about three hours we were so tired so we took a break at TJ MAXX. I found TWO temptations!! I first found the clutch (which I have been wanting FOREVER!) and then I found this black satchel! I have never seen it before!!! I loved it! It fits on my shoulder and is very cute!! :yahoo: What do you guys think??? Has anyone ever seen this style before? If so what year did it come out? I've looked on EBAY a million of times and have never seen this style :nuts:
    DSC04646.jpg DSC04647.jpg DSC04648.jpg DSC04657.jpg DSC04666.jpg
  2. Side View of the satchel
  3. Yes I have, it's a very sweet and feminine bag, also came in brown c fabric, and gray satin (there are a few on ebay right now) It was also designed as a flap/top handle in lurex c fabric, pink, lilac, brown. It's great as an everyday or evening bag. Enjoy it!

    Not sure of the year look at the first digits on the patch there should be a letter M-0454-XXXX
    04 (04 would mean 2004)

    the scarf print clutch is nice too!
  4. THANK YOU!! I will enjoy :tup: It says H-05s
  5. very cute ! the tj's around here never have anything. I live in the Boston area where Coach is very popular so people probably get to the stuff before I do !
  6. Sorry to hear that! The ones in my area always have at least one... ;)
  7. That is just adorable! Enjoy that great bag!
  8. I just did an ebay search and found two!! I had never seen them!! :nuts:
  9. LIblue I think all Coach's can live together!!! LOL :lol:
  10. They're so adorable!! Nice find!
  11. super cute! nice find!
  12. love the scarf print! so lucky!
  13. Cute!Great find!^-^
  14. Very Cute! Can I ask, how much were they?
  15. Our TJ's had the Soho and I've been hoping to see the clutch but so far no luck. Congrats on scooping these up - very cute!

    Betty Boop: The Soho at our store was $149.