My new smaller Cerf

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  1. I've been really bad, I love my new black Cerf so much I bought one in beige like Bella's. The SA from Chanel's suggested a smaller version of the Cerf for me and I just adore it.:love: This particular version is shorter than the old Cerf, it has the Madamoiselle/gunmetal turnlock, Chanel lining instead of the plain lining, and it does not come with the detachable shoulder strap. I think the new lock gives a updated look and a great contrast to the beige.

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  2. Here are two pictures of the old cerf and the new cerf for comparsion.

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  3. Yummy color....
  4. For some reason I still love the original cerf tote with the CC turn lock.:lol: But that beige is outstanding.... does the new cerf have two sizes? Do you know the price for those?

  5. GORGEOUS!!! I love the comparison pictures. It really shows the size difference between the two.
    I was on the fence before about getting the cerf... I think you just sold me for good LOL!
    Congrats :smile:
  6. Gorgeous :love: :love: :love: If I ever bought one, it would definitely be beige.
  7. That is so cute! Oh, looking at your black cerf again makes me want to have it in my hands right NOW! Love them both~~~ :love:
  8. Savannah912, I think I want your handbag collection! You have my favorites: YSL and Chanel!!!!!!!
  9. Bella, you inspired me first. Maybe I can inspire you to get the black now.:amuse:
  10. Thanks Jasanna. I am still using the Muse at the moment. It's holding up very well. I hope you get yours soon. :amuse:
  11. I've read that it does come in two sizes but I am not really sure. SA suggested the different look so I have two different looks to the bag even though they are kinda the same bag, YKWIM. Funny you asked about the price, the box says $1695, the tag inside the bag says $1720. I was charged the lesser price, any dollar amount off a Chanel to me is a good discount!:biggrin: Maybe they are raising the price, I don't know. The bigger cerf is still $1850.
  12. Wow, Savannah912, that is one gorgeous Chanel! LOVE the color ... LOVE the bag .... oh, no .... another bag obsession begins for me:wacko:
  13. Beautiful bag!:love: Love the color too! Congrats Savannah912! I want!:nuts:
  14. Savannah - when you get a second, can you give dimensions of both bags?
  15. beige, 14 x 8 x 5", handle drop 6"
    black, 14 x 10 x 5", handle drop 6".