My new small zipped Bayswater & questions...

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  1. Bought her on sale from Net-A-Porter. Mulberry experts- is there supposed to be a made in tag? Serial #? Zip stamping? This bag has none of those that I can find... Want to triple check before I cut the tags & I’m itching to cut them! Here she is in Ruby Red Croc emb!

  2. Ok I found the made in tag way at the bottom side of the inner pocket & had to get a tiny flashlight to read the made in England - so that’s there! Sorry - 1st Mulberry.
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  3. She is stunning . Lovely bag no wonder you’re eager to get using her!
  4. Gorgeous bag. Enjoy using her!
  5. Omg this is one of the prettiest bags on the market! May I ask what fits inside it (e.g. notebook, laptop, water bottle)? I ask because a SA told me a laptop fits inside this bag but I do not see how. :confused1:
  6. Although it is called "small", it isn't actually small - it can fit a lot in! Depends on the size but you could fit a laptop in. It can definitely fit a notebook and water bottle.
  7. Thanks for the reply!
    I saw this bag in person but I'm not sure a 13" MacBook Pro can fit?! I should have taken my laptop with me :/ the MacBook is 31cm in length and this bag does not look like it exceeds 30cm... Do you have this bag? The (old style) bayswater with strap, however, looks like it can fit a laptop.
  8. So I cut the tags & am at the office with her - I would definitely check in person to see if your laptop fits. The top is wider than the bottom. I have pics of my bag with standard Manila folders in it both horizontal & vertical. No doubt your laptop can fit vertically but won’t zip. I think your laptop is wider than the folders which are 11.75 inches.

    On another note, I love this red! I’d say it’s true red, not blue or orange red. Photo next to a skittles pack shows the color well.

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  9. First of all the red colour is :love: so I hope you enjoy this gorgeous bag! Every time I see this bag in the store (in the blue croc) I simply HAVE to pick it up and try it on in front of the mirror :rolleyes: the release of this bag actually made me fall in love with Mulberry over my former fave (LV) aha. I think I'll wait for a while to get this and stick with the bayswater with strap for my next acquisition sadly since I carry my laptop everywhere! :crybaby:
  10. I normally use a Macbook Air 11" and it can fit in horizontally without zipping the top up. It would suit a smaller laptop or a tablet. If you are using the 13" Macbook Pro, you could fit it in like the above photo, or you could try and see if it fits in the regular sized Zipped Bayswater?
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  11. Hi, a couple of pics for you...

    My 13” MacBook Air does not fit... but iPad Pro 10.5” does.

    It’s a great size bag though - I love mine!

    Hope this helps!

    IMG_1870.JPG IMG_1871.JPG
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  12. Thanks for the pictures! Wow every time I see a picture of this bag I get the urge to buy the bag in just a few short clicks.:girlsigh: To be very honest carrying my laptop around gets very tiring and I had been considering the switch to an iPad instead... So maybe I will end up acquiring this bag very soon - perhaps by the end of next year if the sales don't tempt me first. :panic:
  13. I love your bag, is this navy or black please?
  14. Hi, thanks for sharing. Is this the Mini or the Small?