My ‘New Small Kate’ bag in Powder Nude. Love at first sight!

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    Hi! I had to share my new beautiful Saint Laurent piece. When I found out that they made a “new small” version of the Kate, I knew I had to get my hands on it! Not only is the size and interior space perfect, but they even made the chain strap longer which I can now wear as crossbody (I’m 5’6) aside being worn as a shoulder bag!! The new small version is the perfect size IMO. It fits more than my Chanel WOC! It can fit my iPhone 8 Plus, my card holder, lipstick, blotting paper, my keys, mini hand sanitizer and a thin comb with still some room to spare!

    IMG_5530.jpg IMG_5538.jpg IMG_5534.jpg IMG_5662.jpg

    Thanks for letting me share! :smile: does anyone else have the new small Kate??
  2. Yeah, introducing that size was a game changer....I recently bought 3. Enjoy!
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  3. It's BEAUTIFUL! I just got the small Kate in black. I too was surprised how much room was in it. Love the smooth leather and how it smells. Enjoy it!
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