My new Slim Carly

  1. It's so cute and it holds just enough :heart:

    I didn't get a great picture of the whole bag, but the color is gorgeous! - M
    Carly Slim - Turquoise Blue.JPG
  2. oh it has silver hardware? cute!! post some modeling pics!
  3. Adorable - I saw that one in the store today - very very nice. congrats
  4. I like the color! Congrats!
  5. I saw them at Macy's today. They are so cute. Beautiful Color
  6. Gorgeous...congrats and enjoy!!
  7. I love the color:love:. I'll have to check the new slim Carly out! I am hoping for new colors in the large size!
  8. Congrats, gorgeous color!
  9. I love your new slim Carly. Beautiful Color. I wish that they
    would make this Color in the large size. Congrats!
  10. The Ivory with Tan trim is really nice too. I had to restrain myself so it was tough deciding on which to purchase. The measurements are 13.5" w x 11: H x 2-3" D. Is there a bigger one than that? - M
  11. Love the color! Enjoy.
  12. She is pretty and congratulations!
  13. Perfect for spring!

    I LOVE the nickel hardware! Didn't know they made Carly's with nickel.

    Cute cute cute!