My New Sky Blue first!! yippeee! w/photos!

  1. :P This has been a very exciting day for lots of us!! Today my sky blue
    first arrived!! She is a beauty! I am so excited!! :love: Why do they have
    to make so many beautiful colors in these bags? It just makes you want to keep hunting for them, and buying them! (I guess I just answered my own question! :lol: [/ATTACH]
  2. GORGEOUS! Just love it! Congratulations, and enjoy!!!
  3. congrats:flowers: beautiful color
  4. :lol: :lol: Lol! I suppose it was a rhetorical question! :biggrin:

    Congrats, chloe!!! Such a gorgeous color!!:heart: :heart:
  5. Oh, it's so pretty!!!
  6. pretty!
  7. Nice. I have a sky blue city. My first b-bag. I have had it for less than 2 weeks and keep getting lots of nice comments about it from folks that don't know what it is but like it.

    I think it's the color and the leather they love!
  8. I had a sky blue first; seeing your pics makes me miss mine! Congrats!! It is lovely.
  9. OMG that's a beautiful bag!!! Congrats!
  10. Yipee! What a day for new B-bags! Congrats!!:yes:
  11. that is so pretty, i just love the color.. enjoy ur new bag...
  12. **waves to new b-bag**
    congrats on your new b-bag! its such a cute colour! thanks so much for sharing!!!
  13. Congrats!:amuse:
  14. The colour is lovely! Congrats!
  15. Great bag and it's just stunning, the colour, the leather, oh oh oh! Congratulations, wear her in the best of health!

    I wish you well,