My new Skinny!

  1. great purchase! Don't forget to post a pic of the two together once you receive it! Congrats
  2. Will do! Thanks!
  3. Too pretty, and great deal!
  4. Congrats! you got a great price.
  5. What a great price!!
  6. Thanks! I cant wait till it gets here!
  7. Sweet deal!
  8. Im still waiting on it to get here!!! I am so NOT patient!
  9. Good Deal, I bought that very same Skinny for myself from an outlet at Christmas and paid $20.
  10. Its here! Its here! I will get pics ASAP!

    KimOH! Lucky you! They only had red ones when I was last at the outlet! I need to go down there again, but with the cost of gas it isnt as easy to pick up and drive an hour away!
  11. Oh I know, outlets can be so hit or miss. I was lucky, timing is everything. I went back to the outlet right after Christmas they didn't have anymore. Would love to see your wristlet and skinny when you get it. p.s. I just love that color.