My new simple pumps after 1 wear..

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  1. #1 Apr 26, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2016
    I wore my shoes out for 30 mins today as I wanted to 'season' the soles before putting vibrams on them. The wear and tear was so much worse than I expected!
    I've never seen so much wear and tear on any of my shoes before on the first wear.
    Even my Chanels and Ferragamos don't get as bad after 10 wears.

    They look a lot worse than the picture. I can see brownish stuff beneath the sole. It feels really grainy, like sawdust!
    Seems like the red lacquer is extremely thin.
    Off to the clobber they go now..

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  2. I know the red soles are delicate, but I've not been impressed with my pair. They've never even left carpet and are chipping. I don't even know how that's possible! I can't imagine how bad they'd handle the outside world.
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    I thought I was the only one! On the right pair, right above the toe tip, you can see little bits of shards, which came from the black patent. Certainly not what I expected, especially when I've not kicked anything.

    Got my shoes back from the cobbler today, thank goodness he managed to salvage it. He said its common and CL shoes do seem seem to have a lower durability as compared to other brands.

    Looks like I can only wear the shoes on carpeted floors!
  4. Wear on the red soles is inevitable. If Msr. L intended for the red to be permanent, the soles would be made differently. Just wear your shoes and enjoy them! Life is too short to worry about normal wear.
  5. Yeah, I agree! You should see the state of my other shoes! Lol!
    Just that I didn't expect the wear to be that bad after just 1 wear of 30mins..

    I'll just need to extra careful if the patent leather wears off that easily.
  6. Problem is there 's nothing under the red paint that protects your shoes, so the leather at the sides of the sole, especially at the front of pointy shoes, will almost immediately wear of, unless you're extremely careful.

    Most people relate the price to the quality but, even Zara shoes have much better quality soles.

    However, I love my Louboutins to death because of the design:heart:, and that's what I feel I pay for. I never wear them in the rain and almost always repaint my soles after each wear. I use red nail polish en black felt tip eyeliner for the leather sides. I'm obsessed with keeping every pair looking new and this ritual does keep them looking fabulous.
  7. Yeah, I totally agree....why worry about the soles?....
  8. The patent will not wear off that easily. The red bottom does not hold up, that is why some people prefer to vibram the bottoms. I personally do not mind the red coming off, but to each his own. The red coming up does not mean the sole is falling apart.

    I agree with LavenderIce, just enjoy your wonderful shoes.
  9. Yes, I agree with LavenderIce also.
    It is almost shocking how fast the red polish wears off, but it is still normal wear and tear and I can't be bothered by it. I'd rather wear out every penny of the shoes than not enjoy them at all.
    I might consider placing a rubber sole on my patent pair (not suede or kid, since I wouldn't wear them on a rainy day anyway), but only to protect better from the rain, not because I need it to stay red. I think the leather soles of other designers wear just as much, but without the contrasting red, it's not that noticeable.

    You must have a little faith in CL as well that the leather he uses for the sole is of pristine and excellent quality and that they will hold up well. Just be careful with water though, but that is with any type of leather. The red polish is only for show.

    I hope you can still enjoy them.
  10. This is why, more often than not, I have my CLs resoled when they're brand new! That and I find the soles to be too slippery and I don't want to risk falling.
  11. Thanks, ladies! I feel better now. It's my first pair of CLs and I have extremly high expectations.
    I am totally going to rock the shoes!
  12. I'm really confused about your discontent with the sole wear... considering shoe soles always wear, no matter the brand...
  13. I have three pairs of CL and none has worn that badly after half an hour. Maybe after two or three wears, so I can see why you may be a little disappointed. Having said that, I bet they still look super fabulous on you and that they will continue to look beautiful for you!
  14. Mission accomplished! Soles are seasoned. Get them resoled and forget about the bottoms.

  15. Just that I didn't expect this degree of wear and tear. I seasoned all my other shoes before adding soles, but they didn't look as bad as the CLs.

    I've added the soles to the CLs, can't wait to wear them for my brother's wedding next month!