My new Silverado Tote is here!

  1. I orginally wanted the Tan but figured I should have something different so I went for the Olive. What do you guys think?;)

    Irishgal, are they twins?
    IMG_0517.JPG IMG_0546.JPG IMG_0525.JPG IMG_0526.JPG IMG_0535.JPG
  2. Congrats, Tod! Looks great on you! The color is pretty! :smile:
  3. Wow!! What a great bag....I love it:biggrin:
  4. Cute tote, tod! Looks good on you! :biggrin:
  5. They are twins!! Maybe tomorrow I will post pics wearing mine...thanks for posting!
  6. Congrats tod! OMG, I can't even tell you guys how much I loooove this tote. I have the black AND the tan.:P I :heart: the leather, it is so sturdy and rich. The black is HOT... with the silver hardware and it holds a ton of stuff. I haven't used the tan yet. :shame: I will, it's gorgeous too. Enjoy it!!!! Anyone who has been thinking maybe? on one of these....GET ONE! You will love it, especially 40% off @Chloe.
  7. hey tod wow!!! loving ur new chloe!!! it looks great on you!!! i love the colour too!!!
  8. tod, I think the Olive is such a pretty rich color! Good choice and it looks fabu on you!
  9. Tod, absolutely stunning bag! Looks great on you! Congrats!!!
  10. Thanks everyone for all the compliments!:biggrin: :flowers: I'm so happy with this bag. I bought it "blindly" (semi-blindly actually because the store sent me pics) without seeing it "live" and was pleasantly surprised.

    Bella, I agree with you totally - such a great bag at a great price. I like how I have easy access to all the stuff I dump inside. The black is absolutely stunning too. I first saw pictures of it when Pursemamma got hers and it is truly gorgeous:heart: . Do you have pictures posted somewhere on the forum?
  11. It is gorgeous, and it looks great on you! :biggrin::flowers:
  12. tod, Puremamma's bag is what made me do it! And of course with the sale, I couldn't save, I had to get TWO!

    Pics.....thought you would never ask, will post shortly.;)
  13. I SO know what you mean. It's so hard to resist a good deal! Cant wait to see those pics;)
  14. great looking bag in olive, and it looks nice on your shoulder too
  15. Can someone post the retail price and the 40% off price? Mine was $1575 last year and I believe the price has gone up. Since there are several styles of the Silverado Tote and so many clueless s/a's, it would help for people doing a charge send to let the s/a know the price so she doesn't choose the wrong bag.

    I'd love to get the tan at 40% off.
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