my new silver wallet from Lovcat! (pics)

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  1. so I :heart: LV wallets in monogram vernis (i have a red one) but they didn't have anything in dark grey/silver, which is what I was looking for (I wanted something to match my new BE Love Me Mini in Dark Grey). So I was browsing the net and came across this lovely patent leather wallet from Lovcat. With the clasp and everything it reminds me of the LV Koala wallet in monogram vernis, but at 1/7th the price. :biggrin:

    I bought the wallet directly from the Lovcat website, where it was 50% off the regular price of $105. :yahoo: I also got a small gold photoframe keychain (also on sale!).

    on the inside of keychain, there's room for 2 pictures

    closer-up pic of the wallet (i love how the patent leather is so shimmery, just like LV vernis!)

    inside of the wallet. it actually has 4 card slots, there are more where the billfold is. there are two places to put bills, which is really convenient.

    anyway, it's not LV but it seems of good quality (real patent leather) and very pretty which for only $50 i think is a good deal!
  2. Great deal, I agree! And it's really cute, too. I like the little heart-shaped card window there.
  3. The wallet is great and the key chain so cute. Great Deal!
  4. If you don't mind Sweetnet, could you give me the link.
  5. That is a really gorgeous wallet and will look great with your dark grey LMM!!

    The keyring is really dinky and sweet too!
  6. It's really nice, I like the color!
  7. That's an adorable wallet! The silver patent is really pretty!
  8. Wow, branching off your vernis addiction! ;) I've seen Lovcat wallets at Nordstrom and always thought they were cute and well-made. I think your new wallet's going to look great with new your new BE, the photo keychain is adorable!
  9. Very cute! I'm looking at wallets now...going to check out their website.
  10. That is a great wallet! I, too, like Lovcat and have a turquoise ruffle wallet. The size is perfect. I know you'll enjoy your new wallet for a long time - CONGRATS!
  11. Cute! I am a sucker for Lovcat wallets, because I love hearts! I have a wallet that I love and it has held up well.
  12. i love the matching collection! cute wallet!
  13. very cute i love Lovcat , their stuff is adorable!