My new Silver Spy is finally here!!

  1. I tried so hard to get this one. Ordered it, but cancelled it when it arrived because I thought I didn't like it, and it was snapped up by someone else when I changed my mind. I tried everywhere, even Fend Paris (they sold out in March). Finally ordered it online. Here is my new baby!! I love it!!

  2. [​IMG]
  3. GORGEOUS!!!:love: CONGRATS!!!
  4. It looks great on you! Congrats
  5. So, so pretty!!!
  6. oh Tammy D, that is a devine bag.
    I cannot believe you sent one back once, as it looks so good on you :smile:

    Love it, love it, love it! :biggrin:
  7. I love your bag. You look great with it. Enjoy!
  8. Absolutely love it!!! It looks stunning on you - so jealous!!
  9. lovely! luxe metallic designer bags are here to stay. :smile:
  10. Wow, that bag is amazing, congrats on it
  11. Congrats - it's such a beauty! IMO, the best non-speciality spy produced for SS 06.
  12. :throwup: green with envy. LOVE:love: it!! congrats...
  13. I love this Spy! Congrats to you!
  14. Looove It!
  15. Gorgeous!! Congrats!!