My New SILVER Melrose Cabas!

  1. I dropped by Chanel Ala Moana today with no real intention of buying anything. :rolleyes:

    Then I saw this bag as soon as I walked through the door. :love: It was the last one left in the size I got (one other was on hold, so I had to take the display). It's fabric material and has a metallic, shimmery sheen to it. I love it! It was $1,395. The bigger size was $1,595, but when I put my things in the bigger sized melrose the bag looked really awkward and droopy. :push: I always told myself I'd never pay that much for a bag that wasn't leather, but it really feels so luxurious, and the interior lining is satin! It was a close call between this bag and the melrose in navy satin, but I found this to be a bit more of a stand out.


  2. *dies* Oh my GOSH this is STUNNING! I have to have it! VERY good choice! Can you give the dimensions? The size looks PERFECT in the photos (I tried on the larger melrose satin cabas a few months ago and did not like the size/proportions on me. Too awkward.)
  3. ^Let me get a measuring tape! I'll get back to you in about 5 minutes lol!!!

    The bag looks smaller before it's filled, but when it gets "weighed down" with things it starts to droop so it looks taller (in a good way). That was why I didn't get the larger one, because when it was filled it drooped too much.

  4. That's a beautiful bag - good choice on the silver!
  5. Thank you miffy & bulletproofsoul! I seriously think this may be a contender for my new favorite bag. :love:

    I tried taking measurements as best as I could, but this bag is kind of awkward to measure since it's "slouchy". Laying down the bag on one side (laying it flat), the bag measured 18" W x 9" H. Hanging the bag on a door knob (more realistic measurement, as it mimics the bag when it's actually worn), the bag measured 16" W x 9.5" H (is "taller" because of the weight of the bag when filled). HTH! It's quite a bit smaller than the larger sized melrose, and a LOT smaller than the XL melrose cabas. It's definitely the kind of bag you need to try on with your things inside.

    When I first tried on both bags, I was leaning towards the larger sized. Luckily my SA convinced me to actually put my things inside each bag, and when weighed down, I personally felt the smaller sized looked better.
  6. My other purchase:

    small LV agenda.

    I originally went in wanting the vernis (patent) agenda in pomme (red), but the SA told me that ink can get transfered onto it! She said someone has a vernis wallet that she put a receipt into, and the ink from the receipt PERMANENTLY transferred onto it. The leather ones were a bit out of my price range for an agenda, so I figured the canvas was the next best choice. I normally don't like all-over monogram, but I figured since it's only a small agenda it's not a huge deal. :yes:

    Also got a pair of Rock & Republic jeans again. I'm so in love with that brand now! Too bad I have to go out and get them hemmed before I can wear them.
  7. OMG, it's so lovely and i love it too! Oh mine, u look great on her.....:smile:

    Congrats, it's a great buy~~
  8. Ooohh missisa you were so bad today! But a fabulous kind of bad!!! :biggrin: Congrats on the purchases- I loooove my LV agenda, great choice! And that bag! Well.. you don't need to hear how fabulous it is because you broke your "ban" for it!! hehehe :p It looks great on you- I wasn't the biggest fan of the gradient ones but this is so beautiful! Enjoy!
  9. Love ur LV agenda and it's so practical! Congrats~~
  10. Thanks guys. :love:

    *sigh* ban. I have no idea what that word means anymore lol. :push:
  11. Ooh congrats.. although I'm at work now and cant view your purchases but i guess it will be just as lovely! I can imagine... :p
  12. I love your new bag!!! :love: Is this bag about the same size as the baby cabas and is it some type of jersey material? I think I may have to have it!! Do you have the style#? Btw, it looks really well with your grey inclusion bracelet!!!
  13. Thank you! Yes. It's "jersey" type, but it doesn't feel cheap at all. :nogood: It actually feels REALLY soft, and it's not something that's blatantly cheap looking. It's about the same width as the baby cabas (I have that too), but it's a tiny bit shorter.

    Style number is A37055Y04807. :yes: I'm fairly sure this bag is exclusive to Hawaii Chanel boutiques. They have a few left in the larger size, but only 1 left in the size I got at the Waikiki boutique. HTH!
  14. Thanks for the info. on the bag!!! Did the Waikiki boutique still have the small bag today? I ordered a pair of sunglasses from there this past summer and they were also exclusive to the Hawaii boutiques. I wish we had a better selection here. Do you know what time they close? Hawaii time is 5 hours behind my time, so I thought I might give them a call if they were still open.:smile:
  15. Missisa I saw your post in the "post your black and grey items" thread first.. Soooo stunning! You model it so well and love the volume in your hair! Lucky girl.. my hair is so flat. I love your new agenda too. I was thinking of getting an Hermes one but they just had a price increase on Monday! Darn!