1. I love the color and the bag is beautifully made. Why can't Balenciaga put this hardware on the other bags????????????

  2. soo gorgeous! i love the leather!!
  3. Gorgeous bag! I'm with you on the hardware. I would LOVE to see that hardware available as part of the RH collection. It seems like it would be so easy for Bal to give us this option...

    Enjoy your lovely new bag!
  4. Gorgeous bag!!! CONGRATS!!!
  5. WOW you weren't kidding--look how puffy that leather looks! (Although I bet its 10x better in person!!) & the color really pops wth the bright blue ocean in the background. Congrats!!
  6. Such a gorgeous bag, and you photographed it so well. Congratulations.

    Can we see some modelling pics please? I'd love to see what that size Matelasse looks like when carried. Will it sit on the shoulder OK or is it mainly a handheld bag?
  7. WOW... very pretty!

    I've been considering this style in FB or Ivory!

    Is your one the medium or large? I have only seen the large IRL and it's massive!
  8. Congrats! So pretty! Modeling pics please!
  9. Great color!!!
  10. Thanks girls! I will take modeling pics tomorrow or Monday. It's bigger than I thought it would be and Sienna is so gorgeous. I like the pig leather handles too. I don't think they will get dirty and they seem really sturdy.
  11. Wow!! Just gorgeous!!!you always take great photos, powder!!:girlsigh:
  12. Beautiful photos ... love the quilting on the Matelasse. Congrats!
  13. drool!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Do I understand rightly that the outside zip actually doesn't lead to a pocket? Does the Matelasse just have one inside pocket then?
  15. Good for you PP! I don't know why Bal doesn't use the Matelasse HW on the other bags...Maybe because no one would buy GH then!!!