My new Sienna arrived, and she is going back

  1. I am so sad!:tdown: I ordered this from BG a couple of days ago. A black pebbled Sienna. I know I should have figured it wouldn't be great for a sudden pop up back on their site, but wow.... It came in a small box, mushed. It was neatly wrapped in tissue with a bg sticker. No plastic, no dustcover, no tag. The outside Kooba plate is so tarnished you can barely read the word. The whipstiching is even a bit frayed. So sad...
  2. Gracie, that's the exact same thing that happened to me with a bourbon Sienna from NM except it had the dust bag tossed in the box next to the bag. Someone else had a bad Sienna as well. I forget who.

    I understand your disappointment. Hopefully you'll be able to find another one in excellent condition somewhere! :yes:
  3. Oh - I'm so very sorry. Yes, send it back immediately. I really don't like the practice of companies re-selling shoddy merchandise. It's happened to me before, not with Kooba, but with a company called Delcina with a Begeren bag.

    On another note, what did you think of the pebbled leather? Don't think of the tarnished plate and frayed handles...seriously, what did you think of the way the leather looked IRL?
  4. It was me, I had a Bourbon Sienna that was in the house for less than a half hour (that's how disgusted I was, couldn't wait to get it returned. If you tell them it is damaged they will waive the 9.99 return fee.)

    In all honesty I got a bourbon Jillian that was MINT from them, and just tonight I ordered a black Jessie for $297.....we'll see how that one is! :sweatdrop:
  5. Yes, send it back, it's shameful, I would call as well and complain, it's not like you got it from a "bid and hope for the best" eBay auction...I'm sorry your Sienna experience got spoilt like that...:tdown:
  6. Definitely call and complain. I'm sorry it wasn't all you had hoped for.
  7. It's definitely going back tomorrow. :crybaby:I will try for another soon. I still am dreaming of a raisin anyway.

    I like the pebbled leather. I know some don't care for it and I haven't seen the elusive smooth black sienna to compare, but I like the texture, esp in black because it blends in with the dark shade.

    I have a black Jillian and I don't know if that is considered pebbled, but actually I prefer the leather on the Jillian. Hope that helps!
  8. From Bluefly?? I ordered the bag in Khaki, Im expecting it later this week/early next I ordered Sunday night. It will be my first Kooba.

  9. No...from Bergdorf Goodman. I think the Khaki is a nice color...BG only had the black. That would be great to have for a first time Kooba, the Khaki looks like it would go with anything!:tup:
  10. There are a few beautiful Raisin Siennas on eBay right now. I know they're 100% authentic - and hard to find, so you might want to grab it while it's there......:wlae: