My new shows , I can't wait to get

  1. I just won these on ebay .. I have been looking ofr them in my size for ages and now I will finally have them .. I can't wait :smile: i am soooooooo happy . Dont you just love them :biggrin:
  2. those are supercute and look so comfy..... :P
  3. I hope the shoes are as comfy as they look . I have just suddenly got into buying LV shoes and now has four pairs but still want more arrgghh .. I needed some cerises ones and demim ones now LOL
  4. Too cute!!!
  5. Beautiful! ENJOY!
  6. Sweet purchase!! And tell me about it! I've been dying for some denim wedges for ages now! OH yea, and some perf heels!
  7. Great shoes! I wish I could wear thong shoes...they KILL my toes! Congrats!
  8. I love the soles, very funky! :nuts:
  9. those are cute!! i'm sure you'll have a great time with them for the summer!
  10. Those shoes are fab.
  11. I absolutely hate thongs/flipflops, but I really like the soles! Cute :smile:
  12. They're cute!
  13. Those shoes are fabulous!!