My new shoes

  1. Ok, I just bought these a half an hour ago. Please tell me what you think. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep them. Especially at this price.
    Katespade1.jpg Katespade2.jpg Katespade3.jpg Katespade4.jpg
  2. I love spectator pumps, but would have to see these on real feet....can you post a pic, they could look a little frumpy or great but need to see on !!!!!
  3. Yea give me a few minutes and I'll post them up!
  4. These are soooo cute, where did you find them? Is that canvas and leather?
  5. They're actually suede and leather.
  6. Very cute. I say keep them.
  7. Here are a few on my feet. I apologize in advance for my poor photos, two toned feet, and desperate need for a pedicure :shame: (I'm going tomorrow I swear :yes: ).
    Katespade5.jpg Katespade6.jpg Katespade7.jpg
  8. I still like them. Do you think you will get your wear out of them based on the price?
  9. I think they look really cute on you, but I think that if you don't love them you take them back and find something that you LOVE.

  10. I think those are adorable, especially on you. But it is up to you whether to keep them or not =)
  11. I LOVE them on you!
    Keep them if you can!
  12. They are really cute but it depends if you think you'll wear them! If you think they'll sit in the box in the closet them return them but if you'll definitely get use out of them keep'em and enjoy them!
  13. I think they're very pretty! Very lady-like!
  14. I love them! They are very cute, I think you should definately keep them!
  15. I really love them. So yes I'm going to keep them and I'm going to wear them like crazy in the fall. But that means I'm going to have to keep getting pedicures in the fall. :Push: