My New Shoes!!!!!

  1. A few days ago a posted a thread about my new lv shoes with the gold hardware and have not bee able to post pics because I only just learned how to do it (finally). Well here it is. It is super comfy and light weight and I:love: it.
    LV shoes2.jpg LV shoes 1.jpg LV shoes.jpg
  2. I love them! Congrats!
  3. Love the shoes!!!! Especially the white ones!!
  4. Those shoes are the bees knees!

    I wish our local boutique carried a wider variety of items. I NEVER get to see the really cool stuff! :sad:
  5. Thanks guys. They also came out with the new color denim sneakers a couple of weeks ago with the shiny white border and red border.
  6. Beautiful sandals :smile:
    Are you White mc 's these ?

  7. ^^^ yes they are.
  8. Love them both!
  9. GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  10. Oooh, *bling*!!! :0)

    They are both just fabulous!! Would you mind trying for a side view, so we can see the heels?

    Congrats, they really are lovely!

  11. Your shoes are beautiful. I especially like the chocolate one.
  12. Very cute! Congrats!
  13. very nice!! the white mc ones are lovely!!
  14. i LOVE the pink ones
  15. LOVE the shoes..I thought about buying the brown ones too..hmmm..!!