My new shoes

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. :nuts: I love them both!!!
  3. i only see one pair?

    no matter.. I :heart: them!! congrats on your purchase
  4. love them both!!

    i am seeing a lot of people heading for the flats... i have never owned a pair, and have been thinking of getting a pair, they look SO comfortable!
  5. I only see the tennis, but they are very cute
  6. Nice!!!! Congratulations!
  7. love the ballet flats...i see both pairs and they are cute! congrats.
  8. I see one pair ..They are Really Cute!!
  9. hmmm, i only see the tennis. very cute though. congrats
  10. I only see the tennis shoes too - so cute! Can you repost the ballet flats, pretty please? HUGS
  11. Those shoes are lovely!! Congrats!!
  12. Love the flats. Very cute!
  13. I only see the tennis shoes, but the pair I see are very cute! :nuts:
  14. I saw the sneakers today at Macys....both are cute!!
  15. Both are so cute! As if it wasn't enough that Coach has sucked me in with their beautiful bags, now I'm growing addicted to their shoes too.