My new shoes

  1. Love your collection! Congrats on all of them!
  2. What a fabulous collection. The slides are my favorites!!
  3. beljwl, great shoe collection!
  4. thanks for sharing!
  5. man i want those black clogs!
  6. I'm not big on Coach shoes at all..I only like the Lonnie ballet Flats now. I don't like monograms on my shoes for some reason. Personal choice (smile). But I do like your collection. The slides are cute though...:yes:.
  7. I just got the black clogs yesterday.

    I bought the brown clogs last PCE and they were on sale plus the extra 25% off. I loved them so much, last time I was in my favorite Coach store I asked if they still had them in the warehouse. They had them only in a 9. My brown ones are a 10. I figured I would give the 9 a try since a lot of my other shoes by them I wear a 9. Well I got them and my foot would not go in. I needed the 10 for that style. I had to return them. :sad:. I was looking around eBay and I found them in my right size. :yes:
  8. You're killin' me here with that gorgeous collection!

  9. niiiice shoes!! congrats!
  10. grate collection! i love your taste!
  11. Love the Coach shoes!
  12. Love the slides!!
  13. Hi, great-looking shoes! I am looking into getting some Coach clogs myself. I have a question about how you all wear them-- do you normally were them with nylons or socks, or nothing? Just wondering if they tend to get too sweaty with bare feet. :shrugs:
  14. Gorgeous collection! Thanks for sharing.