My new shoes...shocking net-a-porter price hike????

  1. I've just bought the Marc Jacobs shoes in the picture from a respected Dutch luxury shoes store. (Shoebaloo).

    They are absolutely stunning!!! I'd seen them before on Net-A-Porter,but I hadn't bought them because I didn't think that velvet is terribly durable for shoes.

    However,seeing them on my feet,in my colour,looking so stunning...I had to have them!!:love:

    I bought them for 385 euros.

    I know things are always a bit more expensive on NAP,but I buy most things from there because I can't find much designer stuff in real life. But I still went to check the NAP price to see how much I'd saved.

    NAP price 535.95 euros ????????????

    Does anyone else have these shoes??????????? Did I get an incredible bargain or is nap being a bit crooked???????????
  2. anyone?:huh:
  3. Congrats, these shoes are lovely! Surely NAP is often expensive, but I think it varies from item to item. When it comes to bags, it is sometimes cheaper to order them from NAP (including shipping) than to get them from a store in Sweden - I guess that depends on the retail price policy in your country for that specific brand.
  4. Thanks for that would appear that in this case the NAP price is quite grossly inflated....150 euros extra = 38% extra :shocked: .

    From now on I'll do more price research before buying from there....if only there were more things available "on the street" where I am.

    I love the shoes the weather just needs to cooperate so I can wear them:biggrin: .
  5. Yeah, I know that feeling... Too cold or too rainy - and all those beautiful sandals stuck in your closet, while walking around, depressed, in sturdy boots - in May...
  6. I bought some missoni wedges way less than they have it.... about $100 less
  7. I like those wedges...congrats...I eyed them for a while too. $100 more? I wonder what the excuse is for that? I suppose in some way we're still financing the "free shipping" on any returns or exchanges?

    I love my shoes,though I'm happy I'm not out of 530 euros for them. the light plays very beautifully on the velvet,the shape is perfect and they are soooo comfy!

  8. Well then it's all good. It's good you didn't get them at NAP. I absolutely love my missoni wedges... they go w/ absolutely everything, I wear them all the time..and they're super comfy

    The funny thing is that I bought them IN 2005 at a NY boutique, but i figure that missoni makes them every year.
  9. I saw the MJ Shoes at the Bergdorf Shoes sale today. They were dark blue, but I can't remember how much they were.
  10. Net-A-Porter is really expensive! I always try to compare prices of items I see in shops with the stuff they have on line and sometimes its +€500!! Like I bought a rick owens jacket for €900-€1000 and it's on nap for €1430 :shocked:
  11. btw love the shoes:amuse:
  12. Thanks iSpot :biggrin: .I love them...the picture really doesn't do them justice;they're really foot-flatting and the colour is so rich.

    That's a lovely jacket too....and congrats on not having paid 40% extra!!

    The weather is dry so far today...touch we just need about 10 degrees C more and I can take my boots off:lol: .