My new shoes *PICS*

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  1. I returned my brown Speeding sneakers. I just can't pull off brown, I was not comfortable in the shoes. I love white shoes and wear them all year round. So with that said I decided to go with these, a little bit more $ but I was happy the second I put them on, I felt like my old self again lol! Saw the groom, love it, almost got the rond but I have no use for it!
    DSC01518.JPG DSC01519.JPG DSC01520.JPG DSC01521.JPG
  2. HOT!!!:graucho:
  3. great choice! congrats
  4. Oh my!!
    Those are HAWT!! I like them even better than the brown ones.
  5. do enjoy your new pair! :yes:
  6. ohhh I like them!
  7. I love those! They look like old-school Adidas, but more chic. :yes:
  8. Very nice!
  9. Definitely, they're very nice and hot shoes!
    Congrats for your new pair! Enjoy with them!
  10. The more and more I look at them the MORE I love them lol. They are def. "Me" shoes. I even got a compliment from an older lady at the mall! Where as my last one's, I got nothing lol
  11. Forgot these were in the Men's S/S catalog.

    They look MUCH better on me lol
    DSC01527.JPG DSC01528.JPG
  12. Very nice! Congrats!! I like them way more than the brown!
  13. Great pair of kicks!
    I love white sneakers
  14. LOVE them!! :nuts:
  15. Awesome! Congrats!