My New Shoes... My First Picture!

  1. Hi, there!

    I haven't posted a picture of any of my stuff yet, but I want to gush and share, too, so I'm determined to figure out how to get pictures off my digital camera and onto this forum. 'Scuse me if it takes more than one try!

    My Lovely New Shoes:

  2. oh, no! try again!

  3. Wow, I feel dumb
    SoxFan777<---goes off to figure out how to post pictures...
  4. there is info in the Feedback forum! you're not dumb, it took me forever to figure it out too!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Cool, looks like it worked! I couldn't figure it out so I just cut and pasted them from Flicker. I hope that's allowed or whatever. And you're from the Boston area, too! I love all things Boston! (BU Grad here... sad about the Beanpot loss we suffered...)
  7. I can't see the could also try which is what I use. And if you pic is too big then you can resize it (I use message board).
  8. if you upload to your picture file on your comp. you click 'post reply' and then manage attachments at the bottom.....did you do that? are the pics too big? hmmmmm, i'm not helping....!
    i'm a SOX fan too!! Yay, pitchers reported to spring training this week! i saw josh beckett on the news tonight....:girlsigh: sorry OT!
  9. I want to see your new shoes. Try again, lol.
  10. :girlsigh:
  11. Your little poochie is adorable!! I have a little black Schnauzer, is yours a Scottie?? Can't wait to see your shoes!! :woohoo:
  12. any luck?? we wanna see!
  13. yea I don't see it either??
  14. I want to see!!!
  15. I can't see it.:sad: