My new shoes and a question!!

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  1. My new shoes arrived yesterday... Gonna post pics in a few sec....

    Who is ready for a reveal?

    I also have a question... Are they too small for me?
  2. Here they are...

    They wrapped them nicely...


    Time to open.....


    It's the nude lady peep...


    Now my concern is. Is the toe box area too small for me? I am usually a 6.5 in CL and they actually are but I feel like my toes are crushes together and the second toe is sticking out.. (Blush) ... I know size 7 will be too big for me but I want to make sure my toes will be ok... Also any tips for me so my toes can be comfortable?

    Sorry for my nasty toes pic.. Didn't have a chance to get a pedi (blush)..


    Thanks for letting me share and helping me with my concern!!
  3. I think you are fine from what I can see, they always stretch quite a bit. My nude patent VPs were crushing my toes and after few wears they are perfect!
    Congrats on a beautiful pair!
  4. They look fine to me as well! And beautiful purchase! Congrats!!
  5. Look fine to me! Congrats :woohoo:
  6. Looks fine to me too. They will stretch a little bit with wear so I don't recommend sizing up.
    Congrats! They're a lovely pair!!
  7. Look good to me too! :woohoo: for your purchase!
    Wear them home even if you're lying on the sofa they will stretch and will be more comfortable! But if you feel that they're toooooo tight, like if you're unable to stand up straight without suffering think about it :P:flowers:
  8. They look great on you! Congrats!
  9. Thanks Everyone!! I think i will just wear them while watching tv and stuff and hopefully it will stretch out soon. I also heard you can apply some rubbing alcohol.. has anyone actually tried?
  10. Not me, I would be afraid to ruin everything! I usually just wear them home or for a 10 minutes walk if they're too tight! :smile:
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    They look fine. I never tried using rubbing alcohol. Congrats!
  12. They will stretch!! You could also try the vaseline trick to stretch the toebox. I tried rubbing alcohol and it didn't do anything but I was probably doing it wrong :S
  13. Actually i have never heard of the Vaseline trick .. Can you explain what to do? Thanks
  14. They look great!