My New Shearling Storm! *modeling pics*

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  1. I love her! Im in this bag has been a complete hit the point people were following me in the store at Bloomingdales. I walked into the Gucci store on Michigan Ave..and got complete VIP treatment (some SA's just left the people they were helping)..the manager came out..and all I bought was a pair of sunglasses. Complete craziness. They were all simply drooling over this bag.
    storm.jpg storm1.jpg
  2. that's one hot bag!!! :nuts:
  3. you must have 1/2 of chicago following you and your beautiful bag!
  4. oh HOTNESS! that is soo hott congrats!
  5. that's such an eye-candy bag.
  6. Looks great. I actually saw the 'Thunder' on Sunday at the LV at Macy's in feels so good to the touch. I really love the fact that you can use it in the snow and it won't get damaged because of the material. I wasn't too sure about this collection months ago, but seeing it person really makes me want one.
  7. I too would be following you around! :p

    The bag looks GORGEOUS in those pics!!!! Congrats! :yahoo:
  8. That bag is amazing on you. WOW!!!!
  9. Gorgeous gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  10. I just love it...If I did not live in Florida I would be all over it. LOVE IT!
  11. I love it!! Same here....if I didn't live in Vegas, I'd be all over it!!!
  12. That is one hot bag! Love the name of it too =)
  13. hot bag
  14. Such a fun looking bag...looks great on you! If I may ask, what kind of camera are you using??
  15. That was my first pick for the fall show bags!!!!!!!!!! I love it. Congrats.