My New Seventies Satchel!!

  1. I went on a search today for anything Marc Jacobs! First I went to Nordstrom Rack and they had nothing! But at Off Fifth they had alot! They had Irinas and alot of Seventies Satchels, Olga and the regular one in cream and indigo. I bought the last satchel they had in Indigo!! It was $999, down from $1450!! The woman said that they had just gone out yesterday and the guy that checked me out said that he had already sold 3 this morning before me and the store had only been open for 30 minutes!! So here are pics of my new baby! I love it, it's gorgeous. I'll probably just keep the gold chain inside the purse cause it's kind of heavy but I love all the compartments! It's perfect!!

  2. Congrats, she looks great!
  3. Purdy! Congrats!
  4. Beautiful bag!!
  5. really beautiful! i really like the color !!
  6. Gorgeous!!!
  7. this bag is so hot right now. congrats!
  8. yay for you! i love the color.
  9. Congrats on you new bag! This bag is sooo pretty.
  10. LOVE it!! Big congrats!! :tup:
  11. Congrats!
  12. the color is gorgeous :love: congrats!
  13. She's a beauty--congrats!!
  14. hopefully you were you able to get the bag for the additional 30% off!
  15. Its sooo cute! I likes I likes!!!:yahoo: